Kristen Grijalba


Kristen’s path at Trek started during her time at Boise State University, where she pursued a degree in Business Economics & Finance and graduated in 2017. Her journey from intern to Associate Advisor, and now to a full-time Financial Advisor, is marked by her deep understanding of the industry. Her unwavering commitment to client success has seamlessly prepared her for this role.  

As a Financial Advisor, Kristen’s responsibilities extend beyond mere guidance. She is deeply involved in crafting personalized financial strategies for clients, helping to ensure that each plan aligns with their specific and unique goals and circumstances. Her expertise encompasses various aspects of financial planning, including investment management, retirement planning, and risk assessment, allowing her to provide holistic solutions to a diverse client base. 

Kristen’s approach to financial advising is client-centric, focusing on building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and tailored advice. 

When Kristen isn’t working with clients, you can find Kristen outdoors. She enjoys spending time in nature, particularly near water and under the sun, echoing her belief in a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.